NT Tool Corporation

NT Tool Corporation, Japan began operation in 1926 as a small family operated factory. Since its foundation, NT Tool has focused on developing and providing precision Tool Holding systems for manufacturing in the Automotive, Aircraft, Medical, Die & Mold and Precision Engineering Applications.

As a leading manufacturer of Tool Holders, the company enjoys high acclaim not just in Japan, but in over 30 other countries around the world. NT Tool Corporation has established ‘Stitch’ for effective distribution and service support to all Automotive and wide Engineering Applications in India.


  • NT Original “Dual Clamping Points System” for higher precision.
  • Run Out accuracy 3 μm at 50mm length (Ø 6 – Ø14) and 100mm length (Ø15 – Ø32) with high repetitive accuracy.
  • Adjustable Cutting Tool height on the side with a hexagonal wrench.
  • Tool pre-set without height offset.
  • Wide shank spindle interfaces like BT/CAT/SK, AHO (NBT/BBT).
  • Multiple applications like Step Drilling, Reaming, Drilling, Fine Boring, Finish End-Milling etc.


  • Light Weight :The holder is made lighter by hollowing out the shank which reduces load to the spindle resulting in improved energy efficiency. A BT50 holder reduces from 4 kg → 2.8 kg.
  • Perfect Two Face Contact : Two-face contact and ideal sustaining balance of taper and flange achieves remarkable Increase of quality of surface finish.
  • Chip Removal Rate – 20% to 50% UP : At higher rpm’s when the machine spindle expands with centrifugal force a better two face contact is maintained resulting in enhanced productivity.
  • High Repetitive Accuracy : Taper area of tool holder expands along spindle taper owing to being hollow. In addition flange face tightly contacts to the spindle and realizes precise attachment.
  • Enhanced Spindle Life : Continuous contact between the taper and the end face prevents fretting – thus adding to Spindle life.


  • Better Surface Roughness.
  • Invariant Hole Diameter.
  • Longer Tool Life – prolonged up to 75%.
  • User Friendly.

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